Do we make a difference?

The best way to answer this question is to ask our clients, below are a selection of comments from training evaluations, statements from the parents collected as part of project evaluation and a collection of comments from letters we have received in support of ADHD Solutions.

What the professionals say (Education)

The training has given me a better understanding of ADHD and how difficult it can be for a child with ADHD. Given me many ideas - some could also be applied to other pupils

I will understand their difficulties better and appreciate why they are behaving like they are, praise more - deal with negative behaviour instantly

Now far more able to understand the condition and the reasons behind certain behaviour 

Greater understanding, sympathetic / empathetic approach in future, techniques for classroom management

Revise learning styles / strategies / greater understanding, stop saying ‘in a minute', more visual kinaesthetic aids 

Adapt activities accordingly, try and not say ‘in a minute', more praise for good work, be specific 

I have now got a better understanding of the effects of ADHD  

Be more understanding of their behaviours, needs, learning how to respond in different situations 

Good and informative session, examples helped to support ideas, given by a very informed guy which is good

One of the best training sessions we've had. Stimulating & inspiring

Left me feeling very inspired - want to learn more - to put into practice. Christine put a lot of effort and care in her presentation, Just a huge thank you from us all. We will share it with other co-ordinators I have a clearer understanding of ADHD and how to work more effectively with ADHD students. A really excellent presentation

I really enjoyed the training and learnt a lot

Appreciated the clear information, with excellent visuals and notes

Excellent session. The use of examples helped explain the content. The delivery was informative, with excellent use of humour
Excellent guidance. Thank you for keeping us informed

What the professionals say (Health)   

I would like to thank you for the valuable service that the ADHD Support Project in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland has provided. The role of the ADHD Support has been pivotal from a multi agency point of view, helping to inform health professionals, education professionals and other professionals that come into contact with children and families with ADHD. (Dr Shila Mistry, Consultant Paediatrician)

From parents / carers

If we had not received coaching I think it would have got to the stage where I would have had to get Social Services involved. Life at home is more relaxed and the school have accepted there is something called ADHD. Cheers for all the support and help (Mrs H M)

I have found all your advice very useful and I have learned so much about ADHD. You are always there to talk through problems and you've taught us how to handle situations. Also you have been brilliant with school (Mrs H P)

Coaching is excellent because it's totally personal and geared to you and your chills, in your own environment and working within your lifestyle. It was the most valuable input I've had from any service (Mrs K T)

Coaching was a life line. Improving family life and quality of life in general. A must have for other families with similar problems. A disaster without (Mrs K W)

I would like to thank you for the help you have given us. When I asked for help I was at a point of not knowing which way to turn. I found it extremely difficult dealing with X's school and it helped enormously to have the support of someone knowledgeable in ADHD behaviour and strategies to try. I am sure that your awareness training in schools helps greatly to change attitudes towards ADHD (Mrs K L)

I found the coaching extremely beneficial for us as a family. The coach was excellent and a credit to the organisation as nothing was too much trouble (Mrs J M)

We have found every piece of information and advice from them to of the highest quality and have in fact learnt more about ADHD in the past few months from them than any other person had given us in the past (Mrs A C) 

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