Professional Support

ADHD Solutions provides training, advice and support around the condition of ADHD and behaviour management strategies for statutory and voluntary organisations tailored to their individual requirements.
ADHD affects between 3 - 9% of school aged children. Some of these children will be inattentive, resulting in academic under achievement and relationship difficulties. Others will present in school/college with pervasive difficulties of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity that result in a number of serious impairments in both social and academic functioning.
This often leads to social and emotional problems, poor conflict resolutions, specific learning difficulties and academic failure. Up to 40% will have co existing conduct problems which may lead to aggressive and defiant behaviours, anti social behaviour and criminality.
ADHD Solutions are able to provide you and your
organisation with expert knowledge, advice and training on ADHD and persistent disruptive behaviour that is;
· Responsive - can be accessed when YOU need it
· Affordable and flexible packages
· Easy to access
· Comprehensive support - basic training through to   intensive support as required
· Holistic - working with your organisation, the family and other professionals when needed
· Packages can be tailored to your requirements   

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