Monthly newsletters

We send out a regular update/newsletter by post (or e-mail if you would prefer) to all our members. It's the easiest way for people to stay in touch with everything we're doing, as details are included about trips, courses, activities, support groups and lots more.

Please contact the centre on 0116 261 0711, or speak to your coaching team to join.   

Alternatively recent and current newsletters can be downloaded from our resource page.  

Covid-19- April- May Newsletter 2020- ADHD Solutions CIC.pdf



Our general ADHD Solutions leaflet is available to download here. If you would like copies sent of this leaflet, or our other leaflets (about the 1-2-3 Magic and Parenting Challenging Teens courses), please call us on 0116 261 0711 or go to our 'Contact us' page and e-mail us.   

 Leaflet 2018- ADHD Solutions.pdf

Agency Referral Form 

Below you'll find our referral form for professional use. 



Medical Consent Form (annual)

For children and young people who attend our activities where parents aren't present, we ask you to complete a form with medical details etc. that we hold on the premises. We only need parents to do this once a year for each child.

A copy of the form is below but we will supply you with a copy before any activity your child attends for the first time or if the consent we hold is no longer in date.




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